Kellogg’s and the historic packaging of Pringles

Kellogg’s and the historic packaging of Pringles

The famous brand Kellogg’s – the world’s first player in cereals and second in the production of crackers and snacks – has recently perfected a clear sustainability policy: to make all its packaging reusable, large-scale recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.

For this reason, the famous packaging of the Pringles, created by the scientist and chemist Fredric Baur in 1966, needed an optimization, not so much in the area of food conservation, but in terms of disposal and recyclability, being a product composed of several materials, which make it very difficult to make the separation of individual materials. The tube is in fact made of cardboard, the metal structure and the plastic cap. It is a packaging destined for this to end up in the undifferentiated.

In September 2021 Kellogg’s and SUEZ, a French company specialized in sustainability and management of the planet’s resources – through the consultancy service SUEZ Circpack® – have successfully worked together to develop a short-term solution to integrate Pringles packaging into current recycling streams. Suez is in fact a group committed to creating a sustainable environment, pushing and accompanying customers to use and recover resources instead of consuming them.

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