3CODESIGN. 3R: Reduce Recycle Reuse

3CODESIGN. 3R: Reduce Recycle Reuse

On May 27th, 2021, the exhibition 3CODESIGN 3 R: Reduce Recycle Reuse will be inaugurated.

Curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, the exhibition will be on tour abroad through the diplomatic-consular network and the Italian Cultural Institutes for the next three years, with the aim of giving space and visibility to the new frontiers of Italian design and to update the reputation it has around the world, telling the story of the designers’ journey towards environmental sustainability.

Traveling Exhibit
First stop – Italian Institute of Culture in Prague
May 27th – July 2nd, 2021

Next stops
September/October Doha
November Shenzen
December Hong Kong

Giorni Ore Minuti Secondi
3codesign joevelluto

This exhibition aims at offering an overview of how Italian design is moving in this direction, applying to new environmental needs a knowledge and a creativity that come from far away, from a past full of research, experimentation and innovation, in tune with that new culture of sustainability that is gradually establishing itself among Italian companies and enterprises: in December 2019, Italian economy was the third in Europe for packaging recycling, with more than 1200 companies committed to plastics, glass and metal recycling chain.

Making waste turn into raw materials again. Put recycling and reuse at the base of a circular economy that can go beyond waste and squandering. Rethinking design and production in terms not only of environmental sustainability, but also of a new sociality based on sharing, responsibility, and respect for future generations.

Hoop Tera 3codesign
Photo Credits: JoeVelluto Studio

These are the main features of the increasingly marked trend in new Italian design, called eco-design, that has as major purpose the construction of a new ecology of the artificial.

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The Hoop vases by Tera ® featured in this exhibition are made from post-consumer plastic recycling and are 100% recyclable. They wear a mask that represents the “original container” from which the vase was made. A mask that represents the previous life of the vase itself. A mask that represents the previous life of the vase itself.

vaso hoop tera 3codesign
Vaso hoop Tera forest 3codesign
Vaso Hoop Tera White 3codesign
Vaso Hoop Tera brown 3codesign

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