Looking Closer For Nature

Looking Closer For Nature

World Environment Day, proclaimed for the first time in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly, is a festival that aims to encourage awareness and active action towards the world environment.

On this important day, the UN decided to choose a project that expresses this increasingly urgent need. The project in question is that of Francesca Perpetuini, 25-year-old Abruzzese, Visual Designer and former student of Fabrica, Benetton Group’s communication research centre.

It is a photographic project, created in 2020 for Fabrica’s exhibition “We Are Facts“, which invites us to reflect on the way natural resources are seen and, above all, on what sustainability really means for us.

“Your perception is the key to define the world you live in. When it comes to climate issues and sustainability, it is crucial to reflect on the role of our senses and how they contribute to create reality.

Attention is a necessary condition for a conscious perception. A speedy and easy reading of things, even if coherent with the attitude of the frenetic, globalized, ultra connected digital culture, leads us to perceive our environment in distraction. On the contrary, a deep and more complex reading of things is a slow but necessary process that can potentially lead to a positive action.

In this exhibition you are invited to think on the way you see natural resources and on what sustainability means for you. This frames of nature can give you a better understanding of how the current world is built and let you think about its relationship with a sustainable design.“


“Unfortunately, sometimes our mind tricks us, and let us see just what we want to believe in. For instance, you just through that those frames were representing details of nature, but they actually are details of…garbage! You have been deceived!

In fact, you are not alone: the close ups of these images are a reflection of our closed sight. We avoid questioning our own assumption because it’s easier.
The space we think we are living in, in the end is just an illusion.
e focus on details of our life but they prevent us to be actively aware about all the rest. In order to improve collaborative knowledge production for climate change migration it’s necessary to keep in mind the big picture.

That is the reason why the only way to contribute to create a sustainable world is reflection on our senses. Understanding that we co-create the world we live in can lead us to act for a sustainable reality.”

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