A responsible project oriented towards the ethic of the circular economy. We want to give new life to plastic, making it an ever-reusable resource.



Circular ThoughtScience

Plastics rehab for an alternative point of view

Is plastic our primary enemy to defeat? If we take a look at the data …

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Circular ThoughtDesign

Material pride and prejudice

We live in an era where information is so abundant that it is becoming really …

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Is plastic still the best choice?

When something is not right, many times we try to eliminate remove the problem instead …

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Circular Design Guide for a circular innovation

The spread of a new business model based on a circular approach is the main …

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Circular Thought

Closing The Loop: a documentary about circular economy

This documentary, directed by Graham Sheldon and Wayne Visser, Professor at the Antwerp Management School, …

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Lithoplast: a material from plastic waste

The subject of damages caused by plastic pollution is ever-present in our daily news. Researchers, …

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